Urban and Regional Food Declaration

By signing this declaration you stand with a growing number of signatories from local councils, organisations and individuals and in doing so strengthen our united voice of our shared vision. This Declaration proposes a common vision and set of principles for a healthy, sustainable, resilient and fair food system for all Australians.

We are stronger together.

Join us today by attaching your logo and signing the declaration available below and emailing nick@sustainaustralia.org, cc: georgia@sustainaustralia.org with a letter of support, for which there is an example here.

Continue your support by signing our the Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture Manifesto here.

Urban and Regional Food Declaration

Organisational Signatories

Individual Signatories

Paul O’Griffith

Josephine Paone

Zachary Jones

Liz Ninnes

Jaime Hogan

Sabian Wilde

Naomi Orsillo

Nicola Foxworthy

Joanne Helen Cody

Stephanie Prado

Emmy Nicol

Catherine Olsson

William Leon Naufahu

Jane Knight

Anthony Dickson

Lorena Rey

Margaret Bridgeford