Chair's Welcome

Kelly Donati

Welcome to the 2018 Sustain Annual Report, which charts our work and achievements over the past 12 months to bring about a better food system for all Australians.


The food system challenges we face are complex and multidimensional. Addressing them successfully will require collaborative efforts by many actors over a long time.


As Chair of Sustain, I am delighted to see that our networking and collaborative approach has continued to flourish in 2018, with a wide range of partners across diverse sectors. Together, we are laying solid foundations for the sustained efforts that will be necessary to realise our shared vision of a healthy, sustainable, fair and delicious food system.


Philanthropic foundations in particular are playing a leading role in supporting systemic and strategic collaborations which are fundamental to tackling the many wicked problems of the food system. We are especially grateful to the ongoing support for our work from our major funder the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, as well as significant support from the Myer Foundation, the Inner North Community Foundation, the Garry White Foundation, the Casey- Cardinia Foundation and the Bennelong Foundation.


While we at Sustain are proud of our achievements thus far, we are realists. We know that the task ahead is monumental. But we remain committed to supporting the change-makers, and continuing to be an agent of change ourselves.


As Chair, it has been my pleasure and privilege to work with an outstanding team of staff and volunteers again in 2018. I congratulate them on all that has been achieved this year, and wish them well for 2019 and beyond.


To read our annual report, please click on the link below.

Sustain Annual Report November 2018