Sustain: What We Do


We give people, councils and organisations the tools to help them become empowered food citizens, supporting healthy communities, people and ecosystems.

This is powerful and important work. We can only do it together!

We are over the moon to finally release our first-ever Sketch video!

Explaining food systems succinctly is a challenge. Encapsulating everything from microbes to economics and governance is no mean feat. Yet as a collective movement working for a healthy, fair and sustainable food future, we must take this moment to bring as many people with us as possible.

In the face of extraordinary challenges and hardships, Australia's food systems organisations have rallied in 2020. We are so proud to see this happen and feel privileged to be part of leading the response to COVID19. Since our establishment in January 2016, we have always said that so much of how we manage our landscapes and feed our communities is unjust and unsustainable. We have championed a vision and agenda of change through our Urban and Regional Declaration and Urban Agriculture Manifesto. We strive to co-create just and resilient food systems wherever we work: with local government and community leaders through the Cardinia Food Movement, with values-aligned organisations at the Melbourne Food Hub, and in bringing hundreds of people together through inspiring events like the Food for Thought Festival and the Urban Agriculture Forum.

The creation of this video was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and capture these years of work in a focused effort to communicate the vital importance of food systems to as wide an audience as possible. In December 2019, a diverse team of farmers, scholars, communications experts and local government representatives gathered to participate in an 'empathy workshop' led by Sketch Group's Matthew Magain. We identified local government as both a key stakeholder and a leading actor with the capacity and obligation to reshape how we 'do' food. Cut to May 2020, and a world that feels very different indeed, one thing has been made crystal clear to very large numbers of people: the crisis of our commodified food system and the need to create change now.

Understanding our food system, its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and its deep unfairness, is vital. Our future quite literally depends on it. The good news is that through collaboration, planning and coordination, based on a shared vision of change, our food system can be transformed. In the process, so will our own lives and those of future generations. We're seeing this happen with great success internationally and we are striving to make it happen in Australia.

If you want to be part of the change, get in touch today  support our COVID19 Food Justice drive by becoming a member, and share what we do. 


This video was made possible by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Organisation and many talented hands and minds to whom we are incredibly grateful. A special thanks to Sketch Group, the Sustain board and Hayley at H^CK Digital.