Nick Rose

Friday 23rd February

Keynote presentation – Dr Lenore Newman, University of the Fraser Valley

Melbourne keynote slides 2018


Panel A1 – Citizen Science 

Georgia Pollard, University of South Australia

Georgia Pollard Urban Agriculture Forum 2018 Presentation

Kate Blaylock, SGS Economics and Planning

UAF presentation Kate Blaylock

Panel A2 – Urban Soils and Substrates for Food Growing

Dr Peter May, University of Melbourne

Dr Peter May: Soil testing, soil health and food

Declan McDonald, SESL Environment and Soil Sciences

Declan McDonald: The life in the soil

Kirsten Raynor, University of Melbourne

Container growing: Urban Ag Forum 2018


Panel B1 – Learning with Urban Agriculture: Schools, TAFE and Higher Education

Sonia Nuttman, Deakin University

Sonia Nuttman: Presentation_Final

Sophie Jamieson, St Alban Heights Primary School

Sophie Jamieson: UAF – Food, Nutrition and Urban Agriculture in Schools

Rebecca Naylor, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

SAKGF Urban Ag Forum_Feb 2018

Panel B2: Property, Policy and Planning – Negotiating the Public and the Private

Alison Whitten, City of Melbourne

Alison Whitten: Resilient Melbourne and CoM – Urban Ag Forum presentation – 23 February 2018

Dr Lauren Rickards, RMIT University

Lauren Rickards: Urban Ag Forum – Making space for urban agriculture

Panel B3 – Re-designing the food system in the peri-urban fringe – Cardinia Food Circles case study

Simon MacPherson, Global South

Simon Mcpherson: UAF 2018_Cardinia_Food Hub

Tanya Massy, Sustain – Cardinia Food Circles project

Tanya Massy: Cardinia Food Circles

Bronwyn Horn, University of Melbourne

Bronwyn Horn: Transformative actors in Melbournes emerging value-based food systems

Panel C1: Closing the Loop: The Dirt on Waste

La Vergne Lehmann, Grampians Waste Recovery Group

La Vergne Lehmann: Can Do Communities

Rob Pascoe, Closed Loop

Rob Pascoe: Waste Presentation UAF 2018

Richard Thomas, Worm Lovers

Richard Thomas: UAF 2018